18 years of enterprise experience


A brief professional summary

Early life

Aiman was born and grew up in the Upstate New York region. Shortly after completing his education, he worked for Eastman Kodak where he assisted with the migration of their IBM PROFS mainframe email to a Windows based Lotus Domino/Notes system.

At Jackson Hewitt, he started at the helpdesk, and progressed to a full Systems Administrator, managing mission critical Windows and Linux servers.

Afterwards, he accepted a position as a Systems Admin II at Sallie Mae Financial, learning SOX, PCI and HIPAA compliance rules. He also took responsibility as a backup oncall for the Cisco and Juniper network Admins.

Recent Past.

Moving to TX, he was a successful Enterprise Linux admin with Rackspace, the open cloud company, consistently performing among the top techs in number of tickets closed per month, and high end of ticket ratings.

Taking on a 3 month contract with USTGlobal at the WalMart corporate HQ, he optimized the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server installation AutoYAST/PXE scripts and helped the project finish 2 months ahead of schedule, and under budget.

Next, he spent 2 years with ClearChannel (iHeartRadio/iHeartMedia) as a Sr. Linux Engineer/Architect, and worked on the 4,500 Legacy radio media websites and the iHeartRadio environment integration.


Most recently, he was contracting at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a Supercomputer Support Administrator and as a Technical Duty Officer at the eBay Global Site Engineering Center..

In his free time, Aiman volunteers with a Siberian Husky rescue, participates in Motorcycle racing, SCCA Autocross events, and provides community support on the Freenode IRC network for the technologies he is most familiar with. He is also a pilot, working on obtaining his GPL (glider pilot license) and is working to create a vastly updated ‘open source’ free derivative version of one of Burt Rutan’s classic designs, the Long-EZ.



Sr. Engineering Consultant
Architect, secure and deploy technologies and platforms supporting systems and network infrastructure. Ensure security and high availability of enterprise platforms that support internal employee business functions and external customer contact. Troubleshoot and remediate issues impacting the operation of the corporate infrastructure. Serve as one of the primary points of contact for telecommunication carriers and cloud service providers. Document the design, operation and troubleshooting of technology platforms and procedures.


Technical Duty Officer/
Site Reliability Engineer

2015 (contract)

Working as a leader in the Global Site Engineering center, I Coordinated restoration of site impacting incidents through ownership of outage bridge calls, triaging and investigation of infrastructure and application health, and management of available resources to drive resolution of degraded systems as quickly as possible.
Helped build operational maturity and efficiency through process refinement, automation development, knowledge sharing sessions, and partnership across a variety of technical teams.


Supercomputer Support Engineer

2014 – 2015 (contract)

Maintained supercomputer & support infrastructure in the NOAA High Performance Computing environment. Managed system jobs and performance tuning.


Architect & Sr. Systems Engineer


Senior Linux Engineer for all ~4500 ClearChannel media websites, database servers, iHeartRadio integration environment and other corporate Linux systems.


Sr. Deployment Engineer

2011 (4 month contract)

Wrote and automated the Suse Linux Enterprise Server deployment scripts for one of the largest Hadoop clusters at that time.


Enterprise Linux Systems Admin

2010 – 2011

Responsible for providing world class support to Enterprise class customers with comples and large scale HA, load balanced/clustered and virtual/cloud environments.

CORE Systems Engineer


Maintained mission critical CORE RTS internal Linux systems. Promoted to customer facing Enterprise support team after 2 years.


Linux Systems Admin

2006 – 2008

Systems admin for ~120 production Windows & RedHat Enterprise Linux server clusters. Managed and installed new and existing servers for debt collection environment, approximately 1,800 users across 5 sites.

Jackson Hewitt

Systems and Network Admin

1998 – 2006

Performed day to day IT operational support for regional market. Managed, updated and supported Windows and Linux servers, end user workstations, and Juniper network devices.


These are the technologies I am most familiar with


This website tells the best, most up to date story about me and my career.
As such, I intentionally keep my résumé one revision behind this website. It does not contain my last employer.
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Please feel free to reach out to me at anytime. I am available for consulting, contract or other opportunities on short to medium range notice. I am a US citizen, with a passport and am willing to travel or relocate internationally.

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